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When it comes to package design we have built our entire company around the philosophy that the concept is just the beginning. Our process includes, design, sourcing of materials, comps, pre-production testing and creative problem solving to create accurate mechanicals for production. This process engages conversations and insight that has quantifiable results for future brand development. We are insightful in every step to insure that the original idea and the aspects that make your vision unique work within the limitations of production. design, capabilities and budgets.

Masters of our Craft

Every project–big or small–benefits from MW Studios’ unrivaled accuracy, quality, and attention to detail.

One Step Ahead

Our team of ardent problem solvers approaches every situation throughout the process with insightful proactivity, saving time, money, and sanity.

True Partners

The high road is all we’ve ever known. Honesty, reliability, and integrity keep our clients coming back year after year.


MW Studios bridges the gap from creative to production. We work with your creative, marketing and production teams every step of the way, from start to finish. Comps are made for creative reviews and approval, photography or commercials, sales meetings and production value comps for setting brand standards. These hand made samples are more than just a comp. We elevate beloved brands with packaging that distinguishes their products, capture their uniqueness and insure a predictive outcome in production. All of this is done within our studio, in the heart of New York City.




“They can catch things before there is a problem and they are going to educate us.

They are going to make us better.”


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